How to make a career in gaming?

Professional gaming is a great and recognised career upcoming in today’s world. It has received a great amount of attention, and we see more players every year. If you love gaming and have thought about wanting a career in it, doesn’t it sound great to have a career in something you love doing? Although it is not supported by a lot of parents and the conditions of some countries, it is not impossible to have a career in gaming. As long as you have the passion, tenacity and talent, it is still something you can pursue. If you are someone who just started out in gaming or are thinking about a career in gaming, then the following points might help you out.

  • Gaming peripherals:

Although you can get by using the basic computer devices, if you are really serious about a career in gaming we would advise you to get devices that are specifically developed for gaming. No wonder they are made for gaming, you will notice the difference once you use them. It will help you a lot in your performance and skill usage.

  • Practice:

Practice does make a person great in whatever he or she wants to do. You will not become a professional player in a day. If you are serious about gaming, then start practising to hone your skills by initially playing with the game bots. You can always choose the difficulty levels by starting off with the easiest one and then increasing it gradually once you get the hang of it. After this, you can start practising with players all over the world. Another way for practising is to play with people in your local area.

  • Research:

Here researching includes searching for videos of professional players and sitting down to watch it. These videos will be a great help to you to work on your skills and see how the professionals do it in their world. YouTube and are two websites where you will find good videos. You will also find that professionals upload videos in their own channels giving tips and advice. Watching these videos will help you. Besides these videos, you should also know and read up on the game you are going to focus on. You should know the mechanics of the game really well.

  • Teamwork:

Majority or almost all the games played in tournaments are team games where the rules of each game are crucial. No matter how good or bad your skill is currently, you also have to learn to be a team player if you want to become a professional player.

  • Play online:

If you live in a country where gaming is still not mainstream, you should register and play online. In most of the games, the ranking system exists hence keep playing and increasing your points. Once you reach a certain level, you will be recognised by other players, recruits and teams which will increase your chance in entering the professional field.

Best Free games of children

As parents, siblings or relatives you might not want to spend too much money for your children to play games. There are many games which are free in the Android and iOS markets. Some of them are:

  • Angry Birds:

Angry Birds once took the world of games by storm with millions of players playing the game. Even though it might be old now, it is still a great game for your children. With the movie that was released last year, it gained a lot of attention, especially amongst the young ones. The characters in the game are the same as the ones in the movie. The birds and colours will definitely get the attention of young ones.

  • Cut the Rope:

Cut the Rope is a very cute game. The graphics, characters and colours are adorable for children. Your child has to help Om Nom; the alien eats candy. To do so, players have to cut ropes. It is also good for your child because it makes your child think and solve problems. To help Om Nom get the candies, one has to think on which ropes to cut critically. There are several versions of Cut the Rope which you will find on the market.

  • Shapes Toddler Preschool:

Not only is this game free, but it is also educational for your young ones. In the past majority of the games were targeted towards older children, teenagers and adults but in the past few years, a lot of games have been developed even for kids as young as toddlers. The developers have claimed that it has been accepted and recognised even by teachers and parents as fit for their kids. In the game, there are puzzles, problems and quizzes to be solved. There are also rewards for completion and the right answers which will help your child learn.

  • Racing Penguin 2:

Like its name, it is a game about a Penguin who keeps running away to escape the bear who chases it. To make it even more interesting, your child will get to play in different worlds. The environment will be different, and it will eat fishes along the way.

  • Colouring Princess:

This is a fun and entertaining game, especially for girls. There are more than 200 drawings which your child can colour. There are also many colours to choose from. If your child likes colouring do install this

  • Bike Race:

Bike Race is an action game especially fit for younger children. As your child drives the bike and goes on an adventure, he or she will collect coins. As he or she progresses, your child will unlock more levels and more bikes.

  • Duck Duck Moose:

The makers of this game have made some games specifically for children. Not only will your children have fun, but they will also get to do maths and play bingo. You can also choose the level of difficulty. Your kids will also get to make the truck, drive it and go on an adventure.

Best RPG Games of 2017

For those of us who don’t know, RPG stands for role playing games. RPG games are extremely fun because you get to become the characters in the game and play as if you are them. The games usually have plots and narratives. You are responsible for making decisions, choices and affecting the lives of the character. RPG games have stepped up in the recent years making experiences as players more fun and realistic. We have compiled a list of RPG games of 2017, some which have been released and some which are yet to be released.

  • Assassin’s Creed: Origin

Assassin’s Creed is not an unheard game for people who love games. A new series called Assasin’s Creed: Origin is set to be released in October 2017. It can be played on your PC, PS4 or Xbox One. This time you will play in Egypt with many new features and missions to accomplish as a character called Bayek.

  • Vampyr:

The expected release date for Vampyr is in November. It will be an action RPG game, and yes it is about vampires. The game’s background is set in the past, 1918 in London. If you play the game, you will go on an adventure exploring the streets of London as Jonathan Reid. In the demo and trailer that is out, Jonathan is bitten by a vampire. He is determined to find out what happened and a cure to what he has become. In the process, he has to kill and needs blood.

  • South Park: Fractured but Whole-

South Park has always been a popular RPG game. The new version Fractured but Whole is an anticipated one for this year. It will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. It has been said that there will be longer narratives, better plots and richer experiences for players. You will be able to create the life of your character, its story and super powers. The game will also allow you to play with a maximum of 13 friends.South Park: Fractured but Whole is expected to be released in October.

  • Persona 5:

Persona 5 gained a lot of attention before its release because of its story line. The previous Persona games were very popular hence Persona 5 was extremely anticipated. You get to play the role of a high school student called Atlus who lives in Tokyo. During the day you are like any other normal high schooler, but at night you live in a different world and become a different person. It is available on PS4 and PS3.

  • Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a sci fi RPG game what was released at the beginning of this year. It is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The game is set in a galaxy where you have the responsibility of finding a home for your fellow human beings as a Pathfinder. You will get to go on an adventure in exploring planets where there are several missions for you.

Best professional gamers of all times

The gaming industry has been there for a long time, and recently it has become immensely popular. With more people entering the industry and more money on board, the industry is getting bigger. Professional gaming has also slowly been recognised by a lot of countries and has entered the mainstream culture. Recently it was announced at the beginning of the year that eSports would be a recognised Olympic sport. With all these in mind here we have a list of the best professional gamers. We are aware that it is not possible to choose the best game considering that there are legendary players in each game:

Lim Yohwan (SlayerS_BoxeR):

Going by the name of SlayerS_BoxeR, he was the star player of the tournaments held for the game StarCraft. Since its release in 1998, StarCraft was the most popular and most played eSport. South Korea was no different. It was a legendary game, and multiple tournaments were held, attended by thousands. Yohwan was and still is one of the best players in StarCraft. His first major win was in 1999. He brought back the Terran race to the top. He was even ranked as the number 1 player for more than a year. He also won the World Cyber Games twice.

Lee Sanghyeok (Faker):

The South Korean gamer Sanghyeok who goes by the name Faker is a legendary player in the world of gaming. He gained popularity at a young age of 17 in 2013. Korea has been a great country for gaming and has been very supportive of it. SK Telecom which is the biggest eSports team in Korea recruited the rookie Faker back in 2013. Right from the beginning of his career in SK Telecom, he led his team and won third in the League of Legends. Since then he has risen and continued on his streak of impressing everyone. He has won all the tournaments in League of Legends at the international level and 6 out of 8 national titles. Isn’t that cool?

Manuel Schenkhuizen (Grubby):

Till today Warcraft is a very popular game. Manuel Schenkhuizen is also known as Grubby started playing the game at a very young age. He also won his first tournament at a young age of 17 as a part of 4Kings which was one of the greatest eSports teams at that time. Grubby won 6 world championships and was nominated seven times for the eSports Awards. He also played StarCraft 2 in 2011.

Jonathan Wendel (Fatal1ty):

The American professional gamer Jonathan Wendel who goes by the name of Fatal1ty shook the world of gaming with his performance from the early 2000s. He has played Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament and Painkiller. His winning streak started from playing tournaments for Quake III. He was unbeatable for months since 1999. Then he moved to winning Unreal Tournament in 2003. Following his wins, his fame rose and was cast for shows like MTV’s True Life Series, 60 minutes and more.