Golden rules of a professional player

We welcome everyone who has embarked on the unsteady path of professional casino games!

Before you start playing serious money and devote most of your life to this activity, be sure to learn by heart and accept the following simple Rules of a professional player.

Otherwise, the excitement and the game will completely destroy you, your families and your whole life.

Golden Rules of the professional player in the casino

1. The game (work) in all life situations of choice is always after family and health.

2. Divide your money into two funds: FAMILY and GAME. All the money that falls into your hands from non-game sources should be distributed as follows: 90% in the FAMILY FUND, 10% in the GAME FUND. And, you can always transfer any amount from the game fund to the family fund, but not a penny from the family can get into the game.

3. Any games for money are conducted only from the actual availability of money in the game fund.

4. Keep accurate records of your game fund.

5. Research and review all the sites before playing. Some scammy websites can cause you more harm than you would like to imagine. Share the knowledge about your achievements with your friends and fellow gamblers by creating a blog. You can recommend them to play here>>>, share best strategies to win (if you are not greedy) and have social gaming experience.

6. The winnings are 100% poured into the game fund. After each doubling of the game pool, 20% of the total amount is cashed and allocated to a memorable purchase. While the game fund is small, buy souvenirs or small useful things. When the game fund reaches impressive sizes – buy household appliances, furniture, travel, etc.

7. If the game pool is completely lost (lost), calmly wait for the next 10% of new parishes. No advances and loans for future periods. No loans from the family fund.

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